Welcome to Kherson! 

In the lover reaches of the Dnipro river, where the mighty river divides into many branches and form numerous islands, along the high bank stretches the city of Kherson - a sunny, white city of stone, a river- and sea-port in the Ukraine's south, the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Kherson Region. With its wide streets, shadowy parks, spacious squares and highrise buildings, it covers an area of about a hundred square kilometres. The population of the city is 297 593 in 2014 year.

About St. Valentine's Day

St Valentine’s Day comes on February 14.

It is not a legal or a national holiday.

Askania-Nova Nature Reserve.

Askania-Nova nature reserve is one of the most ancient in Ukraine and even in the world and has been a base of wide scientific research for about one hundred years. It is located in the southern steppes of Ukraine in the driest part of the Black Sea lowlands. In the times gone normadic tribes moved alone its vast territory - Tavrichny steppe.