Marriage agency "Regina", represented by Dmitriy Tkachenko, who is acting in accordance with the Certificate of state registration and the CLIENT, have concluded this agreement as follows: 


1.1. CLIENT entrusts and MARRIAGE AGENCY assumes the obligation to provide customers with such basic services:
- CLIENT’S personal information in the agency's database (confidential);
- selection of candidates, taking into account all the demands and wishes of the CLIENT in finding a partner;
- sending CLIENT’S information to potential partners according to his wishes;
- sending photos of candidates by e-mail to CLIENT (after the mutual agreement);
- giving the CLIENT an opportunity to meet with his girlfriend of interest;
- support the CLIENT to the meeting place with the girl in the city.

1.2. MARRIAGE AGENCY is not engaged in human trafficking, prostitution, and other activities prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and international law.

1.3. The CLIENT must pay in time according to paragraph 1.1 services of MARRIAGE AGENCY.



2.1. MARRIAGE AGENCY undertakes to perform for the benefit of the CLIENT, following actions:
- to discuss in details characteristic features and appearance of the candidates;
- make a presentation summary of the CLIENT;
- recommend new women for dating according to the CLIENT’S wishes;
- to represent his client to interested girls;
- publish photos and CLIENT’S summary presentation in the agency's database;
- to search for girls, appropriate to wishes of the CLIENT;
- represent interested girls to the CLIENT;
- advise the CLIENT (by phone, Skype, e-mail) on his emerging issues.

2.1.1 CLIENT’S address and telephone numbers are not transferred to other clients, even when they are interested in getting acquainted. CLIENT’S address and phone numbers are used only for communication with the Agency in order to provide the latest information in the framework of the paid services.

2.1.2. Contact information shall be disclosed only after the mutual interests of the sides;
2.1.3. Timely to provide the services specified in paragraph 1.1. Search for client interested in getting acquainted girls appropriate to CLIENT’S wishes;

2.2. CLIENT is responsible for the following obligations:

2.2.1. Give complete, accurate and current information about yourself (personal photographs not older than three years, with changes in contact and other information in a timely manner to prevent the administration of MARRIAGE AGENCY).

2.2.2. For inclusion in the database to provide the following information:
- Correctly and fully completed application form in Russian or English;
- High-quality photos up to 3 pcs.
2.2.3. Sticking to the current legislation of Ukraine and international law, and to bear responsibility for it. Do not use MARRIAGE AGENCY services for illegal activities.

2.2.4. Do not use the services of marriage agencies to disseminate information, which contains, or may be regarded as:
- Insults, threats;
- Information obscene, vulgar, threatening;
- Information, designed for persons who are under 18 years of age;
- Information related to the crime, cruelty, elements of profanity;
- Information, which may be the result of negative consequences;
- Information which affect the interests of third parties;
- Information, which prevents other clients freely use Services of the MARRIAGE AGENCIES;
- Information that violates the current legislation of Ukraine.
2.3 MARRIAGE AGENCY has the right to:
2.3.1. Use according to the customer's consent to the advertising purpose of customer information in the case of successful dating.

2.3.2. To refuse the service if the information is accurate or not is questionable, questionnaires filled in properly. Remove from the marriage agency database of customer information, if there is objective reason to doubt its accuracy.

2.3.3. If necessary, ask for a copy of the identity of clients.

2.3.4. Provide any information about the client, as well as the provision of services, when applying for her competent state bodies.

2.3.5. MARRIAGE AGENCY shall not be obliged to censor, on the data and information received by customers in the service process.

2.4. The CLIENT can break this contract and to refuse from services of MARRIAGE AGENCY at any time, and the access to all information will be closed for him except the information indicated in paragraph 2.3.1.



3.1. Marriage agency and clients are responsible according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.2. MARRIAGE AGENCY is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by other clients, as well as the results (effects), using the services of marriage agency.
3.3. In case of early termination of the contract, the costs incurred by the client, not subject to return.



4.1. The Agreement starts after customer’s payment to the checking account of MARRIAGE AGENCY and is valid for six months.

4.2. If during the specified in Sec. 4.1 the term of this contract will not be extended, then it is considered as broken.

4.3. Extending the contract, according to the tariffs for basic services, is made for one month.



5.1. Disputes and disagreements arising in the course of execution of this contract will be resolved through negotiations between both sides.
5.2. In case of failure to settle disputes through negotiations, they will be resolved in the legislation of Ukraine's court.
5.3. Any changes or additions to the Agreement must be done in written form and signed by both sides.
5.4. The Agreement is concluded in two original copies, each having equal legal force, one for each side.


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